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Bentral is powerful reservation software made for small accommodation providers that's simple, smart and occasionally magical.

Full Reservation system

Forget about old paper calendars. Now you can manage reservations online from you mobile phone, tablet or computer, wherever you are. All you need is internet access.

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Channel manager

Connect different channels and manage all your reservations in one place.

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Widgets and Website builder

You can publish your Price Lists, Calendars of availability and Reservation Forms as Iframe Widgets to your website.

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What users say?

We have been using the Reservation System Bentral for a long time. We relieved the correspondence with potential guests. The system is keeping track of reservations. It's a great time saving for us. Apartment house with 1 apartment
We have very good experience with Bentral. We participate as providers of tourist rental apartments. The portal is transparent, allows edditing and reservations can also be made via a smartphone. Apartment house with 2 apartments
I like the system, you just have to be consistent and stick to the calendar. Of course, it simplified my work. Tourist farm with 1 apartment

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