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Direct two-way XML connection with

To establish a direct XML Channel Manager connection with perform the following steps:

  1. Activation on

    In Extranet under Admin > Channel manager click on Connect Your Channel Manager.

    From the list of providers (Channel Manager's Name) enter or choose Bentral and mark the two-way connection (check Reservations and Rates & Availabilities). By clicking Next continue to the second step.

    Make sure that the data are correct, check that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Accept.

    Two-way connection means that all your bookings made on will be transmitted to your Bentral calendar, while your availability, prices and any other rules (minimum stay, closed for arrivals / departures, etc.) will be sent from Bentral to

  2. Activation in Bentral

    In the Bentral Control panel under Capacities > Your property > Channel manager tick the channel and in the box Property ID enter your Property ID on (ID from the previous step).

    Confirm your entry by clicking the Save button.

    Then we need to confirm the connection (it usually takes about 15 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours). If you wish to confirm the connection as soon as possible, please contact us at [email protected].

  3. Connect capacities and seasons

    After a successful confirmation from our side, click on Connect Units & Rates and you will see a list of units and seasons on Bentral. On the right side select the unit (room or apartment), which corresponds to the entry on

    When you have correctly connected units and seasons, save your choice. Now there's just the last step - your final confirmation.

  4. Final step - confirmation on

    Once you're sure that unit and season are connected correctly, make the last step on your Extranet - under Admin > Channel manager confirm the connection with Bentral Channel Managerjem.

    After that, all your upcoming reservations made before the connection will be transferred, while your prices and availability will be sent to exactly as you have set on your Bentral calendar.

After successfully completing the connection, you can set all prices and availability in your Bentral account. Closing dates and setting prices in Booking Extranet is no longer possible (until cancelation).

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