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Entering facilities

To enter facility click Add facility button and enter your facility name.

After entering the facility, we strongly recommend that you take an extra minute and fill in all the basic information. Address, exact location on the map and check-in / check-out times will help guests later when sending documents upon confiring reservations.

Also fill in the contact information, which will be printed on the confirmation vouchers.

Entering units

When entering units, define basic and additional beds. This will later be the basis for defining the overnight prices. We also recommend that you check the basic characteristics and services your accommodation offers.

If you rent a whole facility / house, you add only one unit to the basic facility - the type of this unit should be house.


Once you have entered the basic unit information, continue with the entry of the price list on: Capacities > your facility > Selected unit > Price list.

For the price list it is necessary to define the season or periods.


By clicking on next to the season title you can set:

  • title - eg. summer, winter, low / high season - this information is visible only to you,
  • channel, for which this season applies,
  • minimum number of nights of stay - this will be the default setting for the selected season - later you will be able to set this value for each day via calendar

If you have different prices throughout the year, define the periods of the season.

The first default season is set throughout the year (from 1/1 to 12/31), so you can edit it first (you shorten it). Click on next to the date.

To enter a new season, click on Add season, enter title, terms, select channels, for which the season will apply and default minimum stay.

If you have the same overnight price throughout the year, your only season is from 1/1 to 12/31.

If you want to set different prices for each channel, add a season, name it eg. 'B: High Season' and under Channels tab mark the channels, for which this season applies (eg. only '').


In the Price column enter the base price per night for full occupancy of the unit.

If you offer a lower rental price for a less number of persons, mark yes in the Reduced price for less persons column and set how much a discount is per person and to how many people you offer a discount.

In the last column Short stays you can define a surcharge for a short stay. The value can be defined in percentages (%) from the base price or in a fixed amount (€) for stays shorter than 5 nights.

Validity of the price list

By default, the price list has no validity. For related channels through Channel Manager prices are defined for 16 months in advance. If you want to define prices for a limited time, select and define the date.

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