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Calendar of availability

Calendar of availability on administration dashboard is your main overview of all resevations. On it you can see the days and months ahead, how reservations are sorted by rooms or apartments, and when you have rooms available for your new guests.

Calendar provides simple and advanced view. To switch between the views, click the tab above the calendar.

In both views, you have listed all the bookings in the future. In simple view you can quickly close the occupied dates by clicking on the date, while in advanced view you can manage much more.

Simple view

To close particular day, simply click on the green box and it will turn red - closed.

Calendar of Availability - simple view

Advanced view

In advanced view you can set price, minimum stays and the number of units for sale on a daily basis for each room. In addition, you can close and open days for arrivals and departures if you want reservations only on specific days - e.g. from Saturday to Saturday.

You can adjust details for each channel separetely so you have a complete control over everything.

To set advanced options click on season name to expand additional options.

Calendar of Availability - advanced view

We recommend using advance options only when you really know what you are doing and want to get as much from your reservations as possible.

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