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Reservations can come to Bentral reservation system in different ways - inserted directly from your Bentral Dashboard, via widgets you put on your own website or made on other selling channel - provider and transfered to Bentral through XML or iCal connection (channel manager).


Confirmed All inserted reservations with status Confirmed are marked orange on your Availability calendar on Dashboard.
Pending Pending reservations are still visible on calendar similar to confirmed, but marked yellow.
Paid (1st part)
Same as Pending reservations are marked yellow on Calendar also paid, partialy paid and reservations in paying process.
No response
Not available
Canceled, deleted and all other reservations where guests are not coming, are not visible on Availability calendar.

New reservation

New reservation can be created from Dashboard by clicking on New reservation button below Calendar of occupancy or from Reservations page.

When inserting new reservation you need to define:

  • Facility (if you have multiple properties)
  • Unit and number of this unit (if you have multiple number of this unit)
  • Arrival / Departure
  • Status

Data we recommend to add: 1

  • Guest - name
  • Country
  • Guest e-mail 2
  • Phone
  • Number of persons - adults and children

1 We recommend to add additional guest details because it'll help you later to recognise the guest, maybe you'll need his/her number etc. You'll be able to access these data any time.

2 By entering guest's e-mail you will be able to contact guest instantly without looking for his/her details.
In addition, the system (if you set so) will automatically send thank you message after the stay.

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